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Creating Stories with Impact

Developing purposeful and effective content strategies that outperform.
Digital strategists, content experts and passionate storytellers that draw upon many years of experience to create strategies and approaches that meet your brand and business goals.

Content Strategy

Strategies that meet (and beat!)  goals and plans. Years of experience in traditional media, non-profit organizations and large global corporations give us with the skills and experience to create solutions that work.


360  Content Creation
(all platforms)

Using a multi platform, 360 approach, we create amazing stories in all formats from podcast to video and articles working with an award-winning network of writers, journalists and designers. 

Production and Management

Content workflow, approvals and photo management expertise that will inform the approach to set you up for success.


Find out more and share your career advancement story.

FIG Daily is a content agency focused on creating digital storytelling, products and experiences that empower causes, brands and businesses. Our solution for the inclusive design challenge, Inclusion Inc, is lead by founder Leigh Felesky who will conduct a multi-platform storytelling research project to share stories of people living with disabilities working in a wide range of industries. Rich narratives will provide insight, knowledge and awareness of the barriers and possible solutions to career advancement both at an individual and employer level. The stories, for example, will aim to provide lived experience knowledge and support for people living with disabilities navigating career advancement. At the same time, employers will be called upon to question attitudinal bias and consider a re-think regarding inclusion that could lead to better workplace structures and open support networks.

FIG Daily Media

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